Development of infants between 3 and 6 months

Development of infants between 3 and 6 months

Every child and their development are different. The contents in this article are only guidelines for this age range.

Gross Motor Development

It will now be easier for your baby to control his upper body. It can raise its head and chest. At this age, some children roll over from a supine to a prone position on their own. Once your baby has learned this, it will also start to move by "rolling". In order to support the development of your child at this age in a playful and optimal way, we recommend the grab ball. Your child will have great fun lying on their stomach, exploring, feeling and hearing (integrated bells) the ball, they will also start to roll the ball away from themselves and try to follow the ball.





The ball is such a good toy at this age because the children want to chase it. If they manage to do that, it is a sense of achievement for your child. Here it already learns that on the one hand it is already able to do things independently and on the other hand to achieve its goals (in this case the ball). Your child will save these small successes and build up basic trust in themselves (self-efficacy, self-confidence).

You can also encourage your child's urge to move by placing the toys that are interesting for your child at a short distance from him. This creates an incentive to move. There are many different forms of locomotion at this age, but each of these types requires a lot of effort and endurance.
large motor development between 4 to 6 months

Fine motor skills

Between the third and sixth month of life, your child acquires a variety of fine motor skills. Your child can now reach for objects in a targeted manner and can then consciously put them in their mouth. Your child will also find it much easier to hold objects and then consciously let go of them.

Therefore, for this age range, we recommend a range of gripping toys to support your child's fine motor skills. The various gripping toys differ in their feel and weight, and some of them make noises. Since most babies also explore the toys with their mouths, the various grasping toys are of course absolutely free of harmful substances.



Here you can take your time to look at all the products that we recommend for this age range

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