Development of babies between 9 and 12 months

Development of babies between 9 and 12 months

Every child and their development is different. The contents in this article are only guidelines for this age range.

Your baby is now crawling or crawling enthusiastically through the room and explores its surroundings diligently and with a thirst for knowledge. Your baby's urge to move is very strong. Your child will also communicate with you a lot, they enjoy interacting with you. With the newly acquired skills, your child gains self-confidence. Your child is now beginning to develop his personality and to show it.

baby shows personality

Gross Motor Development

large motor development of babies between 9 to 12 months

Your child is now moving independently, you will have definitely noticed that it is now moving very quickly. If he discovers interesting objects that are higher up (e.g. on a table) your baby will try to get to them. Starting position is on all fours, from there pull yourself into a kneeling position with your arms and bring your legs up one at a time to pull yourself up. Some babies are already beginning to pull themselves up on the furniture and walk along it.

baby learns to pull up

At around twelve months, the time has come - your baby dares to take its first free steps from a safe position that it can hold on to. Some babies hold their hand first before letting go and daring to take their first independent steps.

Free standing comes later, because it is a greater challenge for your child to keep his balance when standing still.

In addition, your child will develop a great interest in stairs. It is able to negotiate stairs and landings on all fours. As the steps go down, your child must first turn and walk backwards leg or knee first (which is both a motor and cognitive challenge). This is exactly the phase Pikler triangle ideal for your child, here they can let their urge to move run free and train their gross motor skills.


Fine motor development

Your child's gripping technique becomes more and more precise, it learns the so-called tweezer grip (conscious gripping with index finger and thumb). This way, your child learns to pick up smaller objects and can access them in a much more targeted manner. In order to promote this important development step in a targeted manner, we recommend this Montessori materials.



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