Baby development from 6 to 9 months

Development of babies between 6 and 9 months


The first six months are already over and your child is developing so quickly. Every child develops differently, so the development steps described are only guidelines for this age range.

Your child is already very active and rediscovers its environment every day, and it has also acquired many new skills. You can support your child by satisfying their curiosity and ensuring that they can live out their urge to move.

Gross Motor Development

At around six months, a baby can usually roll onto its side and from a tummy to a supine position on its own. In the prone position, it can now reach for objects independently and in a controlled manner and now understand and look at them extensively and full of curiosity.

Thanks to the strengthened back muscles, your child can now hold themselves in an upright position and stabilize their head and neck independently. By sitting independently, it can now participate more actively in family life.

In this phase your baby starts to move, some children slide, crawl or slide on their buttocks. Other children crawl the same.

Gradually, your child will start pulling himself up on pieces of furniture. Once the muscles relax, your child will straighten their spine and fall backwards without warning. This reaction is derived from the so-called Moro reflex, which occurs automatically when falling backwards.

Gross motor development between 6 to 9 months


Fine motor development

Your child's hand movements are now becoming more and more precise. It will transfer objects from one hand to the other and use both hands at the same time. As soon as your baby is near an object that piques his interest, he will grab it and explore it extensively. In addition, it can now hold specific objects, such as a drinking cup.


baby on the playmat



Here you can look at the Montessori material that we recommend for this age range.

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