17 to 20 months: Thriving through the toddler years: Baby's language and social skills

17 to 20 months: Thriving through the toddler years: Baby's language and social skills

In this phase, your child is now gaining more and more experiences in their environment and can make their first connections. His motor skills are now making big leaps and it is becoming increasingly easier for him to use both hands at the same time. But there's also a lot going on in your child's emotional life right now, they're getting to know a wide variety of emotions. 

Development at a glance (17 to 20 months):

Here are some important milestones and developments typical for babies this age:

  • Motor Skills: At this age, babies can often walk confidently and begin to explore their mobility further. They can climb stairs, walk on uneven terrain, and even overcome simple obstacles. Their fine motor skills also improve, and they can begin to eat with a spoon or draw simple shapes.

  • Language development: Language development continues, and many babies can already understand and use a variety of words at this age. They can form simple sentences and attempt to communicate with others. You also begin to understand the basic rules of grammar and syntax.

  • Social Interaction: Babies are becoming increasingly social and showing more interest in other people. You can start engaging in group games and interacting with other children. They also increasingly show empathy and compassion for others.

  • Independence: Babies at this age develop a strong need for autonomy and independence. They often want to do things themselves and start taking on simple tasks like getting dressed or putting away their toys. You can also start making simple decisions.

  • Cognitive development: Cognitive development continues, and babies at this age can begin to solve complex problems and understand relationships. They can follow simple instructions, use complex toys, and solve simple puzzles.

  • Creativity and Imagination: Babies are becoming increasingly more creative and imaginative in their play. You can start role-playing, having imaginary friends, and interacting with toys in new and creative ways.

It is important to note that each baby develops individually and reaches milestones at their own pace.

The AwariKids Box Niel

The AwariKids Box Niel contains a variety of innovative toys, for example the felt fruit set. On the one hand, your child can now practice maneuvers that they have often seen you do, and on the other hand, they invite you to role play. The wooden threading animals not only promote fine motor skills, but also train the ability to concentrate.

The AwariKids Box Niel:

  • Trains dexterity
  • Promotes the ability to concentrate
  • Improves two-handed coordination
  • Promotes self-confidence
  • Helps to cope with everyday tasks

felt fruit

The felt fruit is felted from organic cotton and is therefore particularly pleasant to the touch.

Your child will already know or be familiar with some of these types of fruit. Your child can let their creativity run wild with the fruit. He can feed his dolls or cuddly toys with it, he can cook with it, he can peel it, etc. Your child will definitely come up with many different options for what he can do with the fruit. The banana can also be peeled and the grapes separated from the stem, which makes the fruit even more interesting for your child.

Everyday objects fascinate your child and foods in particular are familiar to your child and have a great appeal to your child. Fruit, which is known to taste tasty and sweet, is particularly popular with children. Your child can satisfy their urge to explore by peeling and removing individual grapes. The various game options promote your child's creativity and strengthen your child's self-efficacy.


The ring stacking game, made from 100% FSC-certified wood, impresses with its pleasant colors and uncomplicated design.

The aim of this Montessori material is for your child to attach ring by ring, according to color. However, this is a very demanding task, so give your child time to become familiar with the material. It is well known that every child has their own pace and if your child takes a little longer to complete this exercise, that is completely normal.

With the help of the plug-in game, your child's motor skills are trained, and the differentiation of colors is trained. This game not only requires skill but also trains your child's stamina and ability to concentrate.



The skittles game made from FSC-certified wood is perfectly adapted to the size of small children. And will bring fun for the whole family.

This is a classic bowling game that, thanks to its handy size, can be used both at home and in nature. This game can be played alone or in a group.

Your child is in a phase where he or she wants to move. It has a lot of energy and needs ways to let it out and this game is perfect for that. Not only will it be a lot of fun for your child, but it will also train your child's fine and gross motor skills as well as their endurance. Playing together also promotes your child's emotional development.

Leaves puzzle

These visually appealing puzzles are sure to become one of your absolute favorite toys. It is made from 100% FSC-certified wood.

The individual puzzles are designed so that your child can complete them independently. He will definitely first explore the individual puzzle pieces (leaves), the different shapes and colors.

The puzzles promote cognitive skills as well as fine motor skills. You can also look for the right leaves in nature, which will satisfy your child's urge to discover and further promote their interest in nature.

Animal wooden beads

These beads are not only made of wood (FSC certified), but also impress with their absolutely adorable design.

A thin stick is attached to the cotton cord so your child can gradually thread the animals. However, the pearls can also be used for other purposes or can be explored extensively.

Threading the beads trains your child's stamina and ability to concentrate, and your child's fine motor skills are also required here. It requires a lot of skill to thread the individual animals. Every animal that is threaded is a sense of achievement for your child and will promote their self-confidence.


We wish you a great time and lots of fun with our products! 

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