About the core team


I'm Claire, mom to a four year old daughter. I found out pretty quickly that it is often a big challenge to reconcile family life and full-time work. That's why I want to support parents with Awari. In addition, AwariKids is so close to my heart because, as a mother, I noticed how much joy the Montessori materials bring to children and support them in their development in a very playful way.

Anna Maria

I'm Anna Maria and I'm a qualified social worker (BA). In recent years I have worked in a Montessori facility and was able to gain a lot of exciting experience working with the children and their parents. The Montessori pedagogy is particularly close to my heart, as I have been able to accompany many children over the past few years as they develop into independent, self-reliant and self-reliant people full of initiative and motivation. That has always fascinated me. AwariKids and AwariParenting are projects that are absolutely close to my heart and I am very happy to be able to support you with my expertise and experience.


I am a working father of a four year old daughter. I take on the technical tasks at AWARI. For me, playing is not just something for children, but for life as a whole. The joy of playing keeps me young and connected at heart. 



I'm Lilian, I'm four years old and I'm the model of AwariKids. I especially like testing the new products ;) I go to a Montessori kindergarten and I love singing, dancing and nature.