AwariKids Box Low Tide: Months 7 and 8

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The AwariKids Box Kari was specially developed for the seventh and eighth months of life. The toy set contains Montessori toys and educationally valuable toys.
Montessori object permanence box: The classic wooden Montessori toy will delight your baby.
Wooden balls: The wooden balls can be ideally combined with the Objectpermanenz box, but even without the box your baby will have a lot of fun with the balls.
Montessori egg in a cup: The aim of this educational toy is to put the egg in the cup. To do this, your baby needs both hands at the same time.
Stacking tower: The classic toddler toy made from innovative food-grade material. The five elements each differ in size and color. Your child is invited to build and experiment with them. 
Three felt balls: Small balls are a very popular toy for children. Our felt balls are perfect for extensive playing due to their size and pleasant feel.
Puzzle mirror: The first puzzle for your baby - and what's special about it is that it has a mirror under the puzzle piece. Babies of this age love mirrors and can take a long look at themselves in them. 
Rainmaker:  Not only is it a very fascinating toy for children, but at the same time it has a very relaxing effect on both children and adults.

Each toy set is ideally tailored to the respective age and developmental level. The AWARIKIDS boxes are also available by subscription, so you can easily receive an AWARIKIDS box every two months in your first year of life and every four months in your second year of life. This saves you a long time researching for the right baby toys. The AWARIKIDS Box Ebbe is also ideal as a baby gift or christening gift.

- Trains auditory perception
- Promotes language development
- Conveys object permanence
- Satisfies the natural urge to explore
- Lays the foundation for the development of memory

Your baby is full of curiosity about his environment, he is fascinated by what happens in his environment every day. The Esha box supports your baby's natural curiosity. The box contains, among other things, a Montessori object permanence box, with which your baby can have its first experiences with object permanence, as well as a puzzle with an integrated mirror, which will certainly arouse your baby's curiosity. The Rainmaker will surely delight your child with its relaxing sounds. The products in the box have different materials that are also very exciting for your child, because your child now wants to discover, get to know and understand things.

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