Development of babies between 0 and 3 months

Development of babies between 0 and 3 months

Every child and their development is different. The contents in this article are only guidelines for this age range.

development of eyesight

In the first three months of life, the development of your baby's vision is crucial. Your baby is able to see from birth, but visual acuity and coordination between the eyes still have to develop.


new born

In the first few weeks, your baby needs time to get used to the new environment, so it is important not to expose it to any additional stimuli. It is busy adjusting to the new environment (temperature, light, noise, etc.). During this time, physical contact with your caregivers is particularly important. The first month is characterized by the so-called bonding. Take a lot of time for yourself, enjoy the physical contact together!

new born baby and mother

As described above, the eyesight is still very limited, your baby sees about 30 cm away, which means it sees faces that are close to it, these are your faces, so your emotional bond becomes even stronger. Your infant will recognize a mobile directly above their head, but out of reach so that there is no risk of injury. It is important for the mobile that it is kept in primary colors. Therefore, for the first few weeks of your child's life, that Mobile perfect in the colors black and white. 



Munari Mobile

Later this can then be replaced by another Mobile (with different colors, shapes) can be replaced.

 baby mobile


Gross Motor Development/Fine Motor Development

Your child already has amazing abilities after birth (search reflex, sucking reflex, Moro reflex, the so-called clutch reflex, grasping reflex, stepping reflex). All movements are exclusively reflexes. As motor development progresses, the reflexes are relegated to the background and, for the most part, disappear altogether. Within the first few months of life, the ability to perceive (e.g. hearing, seeing, touch) is more pronounced and develops faster than motor skills.


baby grab reflex

In the first four weeks, your baby will usually have his hands clenched into a fist, if you give him an object he will grasp it (grip reflex), but he will probably not act with it. At the age of about three months, babies begin to consciously reach for things that are in their immediate vicinity. If you put an object in your baby's hand, it will look at it carefully, put it in its mouth and explore it extensively. In the first three months, your child will learn to lift his head when lying on his stomach and possibly hold it alone while sitting or in his arms. In order to ideally support and promote the gross motor development and also the fine motor skills of your child, the Play Arch seems to be ideal.

ring mobile

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