Development of children between 15 and 18 months

Development of children between 15 and 18 months

What skills are children practicing at this age? 15 to 18 month old children often work on:
  • refinement of their griffin- and eye-hand coordination
  • move your body – many begin to become more stable on their feet, walking, climbing, pushing a tricycle with their feet, swinging, hanging by their arms and carrying heavy objects (maximum effort); plus dancing and music (with instruments)
  • Language – continues to explode at this age. Name everything around you, use rich language, read books and play vocabulary basket games
  • Some one-step practical everyday activities can be offered – e.g. B. drinking from a glass, pouring a glass of water with a small pitcher/jug
  • self expression - we can start by offering them some simple but beautiful art materials to explore
  • Social Development - Continue to observe other children, try interactions with other children, siblings may be able to play together and increase interest in collaborating on activities around the house with us

When parents are choosing activities for a child, it helps to think, "What skills are babies at this age developing?"

Do we need every activity in our house?
Absolutely not. Please always observe what your child is mastering and use what you already have as much as possible.

Use the age listed as a guide only. Some children will be busy with activities on their shelf, others will advance with language, others will be engaged in gross motor development and real-world activities around the house (like helping with cleaning, washing, cooking) and some will show interest in arts and crafts.

So adapt the available activities to their interests. And I like to keep observing so I know when to change an activity - often when an activity is ignored or "cluttered" it doesn't provide the right challenge for our child and can be swapped out for something else.

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