Black and White Lightning Cards, Baby Activity Cards, Flashcards

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Vision in the first few weeks of life is still very limited. Your newborn sees about 30 cm. That means it recognizes faces that are close to it, these are your faces, which makes your emotional bond even stronger. Your child can distinguish between light and dark, but sees the world more in terms of black, white and grey. Babies only notice the first subtleties of color from the second or third month of life. That's why the contrast cards are the perfect variant in the first few weeks to promote your child's eyesight, but not to overwhelm them.

Show your newborn our contrast cards, talk to him, your baby will be fascinated. With the contrast cards, you not only arouse your child's curiosity, but also support neurobiological development, lay the foundation for future language development and strengthen your bond in a playful way. The card holder is designed so that you can simply put the black and white cards in there and place them so that your baby can see them. In addition, the cards with the card holder are perfect for on the go. 

Thanks to their matte lamination, they are easy to clean and the corners of the cards are extra rounded.


The contrast cards promote your baby's visual development without overtaxing it. The cards will draw your child's attention and will already help your baby learn to focus or concentrate. They can also be used with the card holder to give your child e.g. distraction during wrapping.

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