What can a newborn baby see? Read what Montessori teachers say about development between 0 and 3 months

What can a newborn baby see? Read what Montessori teachers say about development between 0 and 3 months

What does a newborn baby see?

The first few months of life are crucial for a child's eyesight development. In the womb, the babies live in a predominantly dark environment and can only develop their eyesight to a very limited extent. However, after birth, eyesight develops rapidly and by six months of age the eyes can focus normally.

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Visual development 

The first few weeks of life are not an easy time for newborns. Therefore, the newborn does not need a lot of stimuli from the environment at this stage, as its body has already done a lot of work to adapt to the changes. So it needs the closeness of his mother, his security and the being that was familiar to him before the birth. When the time comes, it will recognize its surroundings when it is awake and slowly build trust in it. Newborns have limited vision and can only see up to 30 cm. This distance is just enough for the child to see the mother's face and nipples. In this short distance, the child and mother develop a close emotional bond and a sense of security.

In general, babies are aware of their surroundings by 2 weeks of age. This is the right time for us parents to use our cell phones to keep them busy. In the first month, children are interested in contrasting colors and colors like black and white. In the second month the children begin to perceive other bright colors.

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How can we help the babies?

Taking these unique characteristics of babies between 0 and 3 months into account, we have teamed up with experienced AMI-certified Montessori educators and have jointly developed a range of mobiles for your child to support their visual development. It is important to note that when your baby is concentrating on the mobile, you do not interrupt your attention. We can also replace the mobiles if you notice that your baby is losing interest in a mobile.

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