"Mom, I'm going to SCHOOL soon!"

"Mom, I'm going to SCHOOL soon!"

It's almost time - and your child is a school child!

The children can hardly wait, the parents are sometimes a little wistful and wonder where the time has gone? The pre-school year usually flies by and your child can hardly wait to finally be a school child, because after all it is grown up ;)

School entrance examination, satchel, school cone, preschool exercises - the topic is omnipresent and the excitement is probably increasing with each passing day.

Here are a few tips for enrollment

  • Do errands for school supplies together

We usually choose the school bag together, but you can also get notebooks, pens, etc. together. This will also increase the anticipation of the upcoming school entry.

  • Joint handicrafts of the school cone

In most kindergartens, the school cones are made together. If that's not the case for you, you can do it at home. As a "support" there are a variety of different handicraft sets for school cones on the Internet. For the majority of the children, the school bag is very important, and you also have a joint project.

  • Encourage your child's independence

At school, children are usually expected to be a little more independent than in kindergarten. You are doing your child a great favor if it can put on its own shoes when it starts school, open its drinking bottle, etc.. This takes your child a lot a lot of stress and it will also have a positive effect on his self-confidence.

  • Design of a learning place

A dedicated place to study will help your child focus and get used to new routines (such as doing homework). It is best to design this space together, according to your child's ideas. It is important that your child feels comfortable here, this can be in the children's room, but also in your living room.

  • school is fun

Show your child that school is great and great fun. You can read books about it, listen to radio plays and broach the subject again and again in everyday life. You can also get some kind of board on which you can write numbers and letters, but your child can also play school.

  • Find the best way to school

In the first few weeks, first graders usually do not go to school alone. Nevertheless, it will give your child security if they already know the exact way to school in advance. If the way to school is a little longer, you can arrange so-called safety islands with the child on the way. This can be relatives' house, the baker's house or friends' house. This will give your child extra security.

  • Preparations for the big day

Let your child choose the outfit for their big day. Invite friends and relatives to start school, make suitable decorations together, let your child decide what the day should look like (e.g. a visit to the zoo in the afternoon). Involve your child actively in the planning.

  • The big day - school enrollment

Today your child is the absolute main character, it's not about entertaining the other guests, it's just about your child. Let the day begin in a relaxed manner, with breakfast together, the excitement is certainly high for everyone involved, but consciously take this time. Make sure the freshly baked school kid eats something, it needs a lot of energy that day ;)

  • Stop for a moment and appreciate yourself

Your child is now going to school, which is of course a reason to be proud of your child, but also of you! You have mastered it together so far, you have done your best and there are still so many great and exciting things waiting for you <3


School enrollment is a very drastic and challenging transition. It's normal for your child's behavior to change during the first few days/weeks of school. Of course, your child must first get used to the new situation and find its place. Be there for your child, be extra patient and understanding. Give him the time it takes to settle into this new setting. 

We wish you all a great first day of school! Enjoy it and above all, your child celebrates properly ;) 


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