0 to 2 Months The Newborn Journey: Exploring the First Months

0 to 2 Months The Newborn Journey: Exploring the First Months

Your baby is finally here! You hold your child in your arms. Congratulations!

In the first few days and weeks, your baby will spend most of his time eating and sleeping. After all, it is an enormous achievement. Finding your way around outside of mom's tummy and a great effort to process all the new impressions. In the first few weeks it is important that you take a lot of time for yourself and enjoy it. In this box we have put together various products for your baby that will support your newborn in his first steps of development and make the first months in the world more beautiful.

Development at a glance (0 to 2 months):

During the first two months, babies experience rapid development as they adapt to life outside the womb. Here are some important milestones and developments typical for babies aged 0 to 2 months:

  • Reflexes: Newborns have a variety of innate reflexes that help them adapt to their new environment. These include grasping reflexes, sucking reflexes and startle reflexes.

  • Sleep patterns: In the first few weeks, babies sleep a lot and have irregular sleep patterns. They sleep for short periods and wake up frequently to eat or change their diapers.

  • Vision: Newborns have limited vision and can only see a few centimeters away. They prefer high-contrast patterns and faces, and their ability to distinguish colors gradually develops.

  • Communication: In the first few weeks, babies communicate primarily through crying to express their needs. They also begin to respond to voices and touch and can make their first vocalizations.

  • Motor skills: In the first few weeks, babies have little control over their movements. However, they can move their arms and legs and begin to develop their hand-eye coordination.

  • Nutrition: Newborns feed exclusively on breast milk or formula and need to be fed frequently because their stomachs are still small and they get hungry quickly.

It is important to note that each baby develops individually and reaches milestones at their own pace.

With the AwariBox Liv 
We want to accompany you on this exciting journey and support you with our toys and educational materials.

The AwariBox Liv supports the following areas.

  • Creating nerve connections in the brain
  • Processing nervous surroundings
  • Explore high-contrast images
  • Promote visual and auditory perception

The music box

Our music box is made of sustainable beech wood and vegan leather and works easily with the help of a pull mechanism.

“Somewhere over the rainbow, where the skies are so blue...” that’s exactly where your newborn is floating in His dreams. IT has to process so much and get used to so much stress and it needs a lot of sleep. The music box is ideal for melodically accompanying the process of falling asleep
and will probably not only accompany your child to dreamland. The music box also promotes auditory perception. your newborn. It can also help your baby calm down and relax.
You can leave the music box playing during your cuddle time, when falling asleep or when feeding.
The contrast cards with matching card holder

The five cards are made of cardboard and the card holder is made of organic cotton.

Vision is still very limited in the first weeks of life. Your newborn can see approx. 30 cm away. This means that it recognizes faces that are close to it, these are your faces, which makes your emotional connection even stronger. Your child can distinguish between light and dark, but they tend to see the world in terms of black, white and gray. Babies only begin to notice subtle colors from the second/third month of life onwards. With the contrast cards you not only awaken your child's curiosity, but also support neurobiological development. That's why the contrast cards are the perfect option in the first few weeks to promote your child's vision, but not to overwhelm them.

Show your newborn the contrast cards while talking to him, your baby will. be fascinated by it. With the contrast cards, you not only awaken your child's curiosity, but also support neurobiological development, lay the foundation for future language development and strengthen your bond in a playful way. The card holder is designed so that you can simply put the black and white cards in there and place them so that your baby can see them. In addition, the cards with the card holder are perfect for on the go.
The fox wooden rattle

The rattle is made from FSC-certified wood and organic cotton.
A grasping toy/rattle arouses your newborn's curiosity without overwhelming it. The different surfaces invite your baby to touch, grab and feel, which trains your baby's senses and fine motor skills. The bell makes a pleasant noise when the rattle is moved back and forth, which trains auditory perception. Your baby will follow the rattle with his eyes and arouse your baby's curiosity.

Your child will not actively engage with the rattle, especially in the first few weeks. Nevertheless, you can show your child the rattle again and again, rock it back and forth, your child will notice and soon reach for it themselves. Later you can put the rattle within reach or give it directly into your baby's hand. Fox wooden rattle will definitely be a loyal companion for your child in the next few months.

The Munari Mobile

The Munari Mobile is a Montessori mobile and is ideal as a first mobile for your newborn.

When it comes to mobile devices, it's all about making the right choice. Your child has different needs depending on their level of development/age and should under no circumstances be overwhelmed with complicated mobiles too early. Immediately after birth, your baby cannot recognize colors, which is why the Munari Mobile is ideal for the weeks immediately after birth. The mobile trains your infant's eyesight, builds neural connections in the brain and promotes cognitive development.

A mobile directly above the head (but out of reach so that there is no risk of injury) will be immediately visible to your infant. It is important that the mobile is kept in primary colors. That's why the mobile in black and white is just the thing for the first few weeks of your child's life.

Shoes with bells made from organic cotton

The shoes are made of organic cotton and not only look cute, but also keep your baby's feet warm.

Thanks to the flexible cuff, the shoes are easy to put on and take off. They nestle directly against your baby's feet. Thanks to the cotton, the shoes are very comfortable to wear.

The shoes encourage your baby's senses and motor skills in a very playful way. In addition, their material (100% cotton) keeps your baby's feet warm and feels pleasant on the skin. The sewn-on bells will train your baby's auditory perception during various movements and he will consciously notice his feet.

Enjoy the first few weeks! We hope you enjoy the products. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to write to us at any time. We look forward to your feedback <3

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