Montessori plug-in game cylinder, plug-in box for five different cylinders, wooden toys, Montessori sensory material

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The Montessori plug-in game is a plug-in box with five cylinders of different sizes. Your child can sort the cylinders by size. When they have sorted all the cylinders, they can pull out the thrust, and when all the cylinders fall off, the child knows that they have done the task correctly (own error control). This is how toddlers learn with great fun and by the way.


Product Information:

Material: 100% wood (from sustainable cultivation)

Dimensions: 29 cm x 13 cm x 8 cm 

Age recommendation: from one year


With the Montessori wooden toy, your child learns to distinguish sizes and to recognize them. This Montessori material promotes fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. By holding and inserting the cylinder, the three-point grip (later holding a pen) is practiced. Once your child has managed to line up all the cylinders and then pulls the thrust and sees and hears the cylinders drop, that will boost your child's confidence tremendously.

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