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An absolute classic among the Montessori materials! The pink tower consists of ten pink painted cubes that differ in size and is so much more than just a few building blocks. This not only inspires younger or kindergarten children, but also elementary school children can train their fine motor skills and concentration with this visually very appealing material. The tower can be built in the classic way according to size, but the pink tower also offers many other variants:

- All the dice are put down mixed, now you can ask your child to pick out the smallest dice, because the next smaller one, the largest etc.
- This can also be done with the weight of the blocks (however, your child should be a bit older or more experienced with the material)

Of course, your child can also let their creativity run free and build with the blocks according to their ideas. 

In order to raise awareness of the careful handling of different materials, it is advisable to show your child in advance how to hold the different cubes (the largest with both hands, the smallest with the grip of tweezers).


Product description:

Material: 100% wood

Dimensions: Height (when assembled): 55 cm

Age recommendation: from three years

Playing with the building blocks of the Pink Tower not only develops your child's visual sense, but also develops their aesthetic sensitivity. It can make its first experiences with geometric shapes in different dimensions and your child's ability to concentrate and endurance are also encouraged. Of course, fine motor skills are promoted by building the tower and muscle development by holding the individual cubes. Incidentally, handling the different sized and heavy wooden blocks trains the feeling for proportionality.

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