Montessori division board, abacus

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With the division board, your child can visualize all the division tasks of the small multiplication tables with the corresponding beads. This visualizes the principle of dividing sets and makes the multiplication tables easy to remember. 

The division board works as follows; There are 9 x 9 holes on the arithmetic board, in the top row there are 9 larger holes (numbers 1 - 9) these can be occupied with the cones and stand for the divisor. The dividend is distributed with the help of the balls (in the holes) and so your child can easily read the result, so your child can easily find out which numbers are divisible by which numbers. 


Product Information:

Material: 100% wood

Dimensions: 32 cm x 30,5 cm x 5,5 cm

 Recommended age: from five years

The division board is ideal for preschoolers, but also for children in elementary school. Learning and understanding division is often not easy, with this Montessori material your child will be able to understand the division of numbers better. Numerical understanding is also encouraged. The math material also makes it very easy to memorize the multiplication tables.

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