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Brilliant Everyday Hero Toy Set, Month 21-24

Brilliant Everyday Hero Toy Set, Month 21-24

Improve your child's imagination immediately

☀️Increases everyday understanding

☀️Improves imagination

☀️Ensures strong spatial thinking

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1x children's sink with 16 parts

1x set of finger puppets hand knitted (5 pieces)

1x Puzzles Elephant

1x felt basket with felt objects and tweezers

1x fabric book interactively handmade

Suitable for

From 21-24 months of age

Educational value

  • Promotes dexterity
  • Trains precise hand-eye control
  • Promotes gross motor skills
  • Allows you to explore new sensory experiences
  • Promotes endurance
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  • Not age appropriate

    Toys that are not age-appropriate and do not correspond to the child's current developmental phase are missed opportunities that are difficult to get back or restore as parents.

  • Pedagogically worthless

    There are one-sided and educationally worthless toys that unfortunately do little to stimulate the child's ability to learn and only serve to pass the time, which in turn can delay the child's development.

  • Wrong selection

    With the large selection of toys and the child's rapidly advancing development, parents quickly lose track and the knowledge necessary to identify valuable toys that are suitable for the child.

Dexterity Toy

Educational valuable

Our toys have been carefully designed to encourage both motor skills and creativity. Every detail has been carefully thought out to ensure high educational value and absolute versatility. It's made from high-quality, non-toxic materials and is durable enough to withstand years of play. Parents appreciate the educational benefits and high quality.

With the utmost care


The handcrafted production ensures unique details and an incomparable feel. Every single component is carefully manufactured and tested to ensure the highest quality and durability. Parents appreciate the loving handwork and sustainable materials that make this toy a special treasure.

Toys from AWARIKIDS compared to conventional one-sided toys.


Questions and answers about the set

Age-appropriate toys are toys that take into account a child's level of development and abilities so as not to over- or under-challenge them while at the same time stimulating their interests and curiosity.
Supporting the child in the first years of life is important because this phase is crucial for the development of basic skills and competencies that significantly influence later learning and behavior.
Educationally valuable toys are better than conventional toys because they playfully support children's intellectual, motor and social development and promote their creativity and joy of learning.
From parents for parents

Why parents trust us

Versatile playing options

Get versatile and valuable toys so that your child and your entire family, from toddlers to school children, can enjoy playing for a long time.

Sustainable, long-lasting materials

Only sustainable and long-lasting materials so that you and your family receive the best quality while protecting the environment.

Educationally very valuable

Reviewed several times by educators and considered educationally valuable, so you can rely on its educational effect.

Recommended by occupational therapists

Occupational therapists confirm that the physical and mental development of the child is promoted when play is regular and age-appropriate.

Brilliant Everyday Hero Toy Set, Month 21-24

Brilliant Everyday Hero Toy Set, Month 21-24

Normal price €102,00
Normal price €112,00 retail price €102,00
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