Our vision


Children are the most valuable thing we have, so we want to create a loving, creative and inspiring environment for them to help them learn and grow through play so that they can develop to the best of their ability.

Female founders

Our story

We are Claire and Hua, who have one thing in common: a passion for high-quality and creative toys. When our children were born, we repeatedly encountered the same problem - the conventional toys did not meet our expectations. Either it was too one-sided, educationally worthless or simply boring. We agreed: This has to change.

Toys can do more

Our mission

With the belief that toys can be more than just a pastime, we left our secure jobs to pursue our mission: to develop innovative toys that support the healthy development of children and their families. Toys should be fun and promote children's creativity, motor skills and social skills. 

We continue


Sustainability is important to us because children are our future and we want to take responsibility for them and the environment in order to leave the earth in a better condition than we found it.

From parents for parents

Why parents trust us

Versatile playing options

Get versatile and valuable toys so that your child and your entire family, from toddlers to school children, can enjoy playing for a long time.

Sustainable materials

Only sustainable and long-lasting materials so that you and your family receive the best quality while protecting the environment.

Educationally very valuable

Reviewed several times by educators and considered educationally valuable, so you can rely on its educational effect.

Recommended by occupational therapists

Occupational therapists confirm that the physical and mental development of the child is promoted when play is regular and age-appropriate.